Pick up the slack, Jack


Make a new plan, Stan. While I have been out running several times a week, it has been anything but regular. After my first (presently only)half, I figured I would give myself a break to rest/recover and then pick back up in training where I had left off; maybe I would even make it up to nearly full marathon mileage. What I didn’t count on was that after a week of rest (read: not running), my body freaked out and it was almost as if I was starting (not quite) from nothing again! Granted, I was in much better shape and much better trained than I had been even just weeks before that, but for some reason getting back out and just running a regular two six mile runs and a ten mile run (as I had been doing in addition to another three mile run for about a month before this) felt like a struggle. I took it down to two three miles runs and then worked my way back up.

Now, my biggest obstacle seems to be time. Partially, things have been busy at work the past few weeks and I have been getting in earlier and staying later. Another part is that it has been summer in Chicago and there is SO MUCH to do! Between concerts, festivals, Bristol Ren Faire, Baseball games, and general tomfoolery with friends, I have been struggling to find time to squeeze in a run. Quite a few times I have ended up throwing on my running gear and packing a change of clothes to run over to or back from doing something else.
I need to get back on track. Both with my running and my writing. NaNoWriMo has a way of sneaking up on you unawares and I mean to be better prepared this year…but then, how often have I said that before? Mayhaps it will have more effect this time since it is written down. At least it is supposed to be a nice weekend! I just may get some running in yet! …Lollapalooza…lots of walking around briskly through crowds is like weaving around in a race though, right? Oh well, at least bouncing around to music is sort of like cross training, the way I do it anyway 😛




Tegan and Sara – Closer [OFFICIAL HD MUSIC VIDEO]


  1. Ha! Yeah…4:45 is already when the first alarm goes off for work and it STILL takes me till about 5:05 to roll out of bed to be at the bus stop before 5:30. I think I'm still going to have to stick to my after work runs, but i do treasure those days that i get to Work From Home. I think most people just call them weekends though ;P


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