Winter Wrap-Up

Today it finally hit fifty degrees in Chicago and I worked from home, so I figured it was time to dust off my Vibrams and get back out onto those flooded sidewalks. While I enjoy my three month hiatus every year to allow my body to recover from the abuse I put it through during the previous racing season, when winter rolls around, I always miss being out on the trails. Part of that is simply missing nice weather. The rest is missing the feeling of the wind on my face as it rolls in off of Lake Michigan while I trek down Lake Shore Trail, feeling the trail beneath my Vibrams, and the refreshing, well-earned beer after a run. Somehow they just taste better after you put a few miles behind you.

While I have been doing minimal lunges and squats during my yearly threeish months off running, I always forget that when I do finally get back out there, it is my lungs that typically take the longest to get back into the swing of things. I also need to remember to pick up some more almond milk next time I go to the store, as during the winter my calcium intake has been sorely lacking. I also need to stretch more during the winter and I am sure I will feel its absence next time I run (or tomorrow morning).
To catch you up quickly:
NaNoWriMo – yup, made my 50,000 words again! Yippie!! All that AND still managed to run the Vegas half during the same month.
Rock&Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon –  Good times. I didn’t train for that one (too busy writing and working) but still wanted to run the Strip at Night. I ran for about ten of the miles and ended up having to run/walk the last 3.1. Not as bad as I expected for not having trained, but I would certainly never want to run a half marathon without training again. I was sore for weeks. The course was good, better than previous years I heard from several other participants. There were a few dark patches, but they did a decent job keeping them as well lit as they could have without summoning the sun to rise. The entertainment was good and the crowd turnout was insane! So many people, both runners and spectators! The only two real drawbacks to the race were it being ridiculously expensive (even for a half), and the finishers chute was waaaaaaaaaay too long. Seriously. Way too long. Too forever to collect water and my medal. I didn’t even make it to the end, I had to squeeze through a fence (as were others) to get to the other side of the strip (which was still closed off so it made for a convenient walk part of the way back to my hotel. Other than that, no complaints. Would I do it again? If it was cheaper, maybe. Otherwise, it was a nice thing to have done once. Next time I go back it will just be to play around in Vegas.
My Next Race –  Pi Day Pi K this Friday! Love this race. Small cap, close to me, laid back. For Science!
My Brother is running his first Half Marathon This year! (The Chicago Spring Half Marathon) So excited for him! Not sure if I’m going to run any more half marathons this year, but who knows, I’ll see how the beginning of the season goes and maybe join him.
That’s all for now folks. Happy Spring and Jolly Running to you all!




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