Stay tuned…

Hello all!

My appologies for the lack of updates as of late. Things have been rather busy with work and life and balence and all that. On top of that, i have been just plain lazy with updating even though i have kept up on my running.


Not freaking out at all.

Stay tuned for updates when i have time to write more.

Updates shall include:

New Vibrams! (and the decision to change to them with only two weeks left until the race…good call? time will tell.)

Run for the Zoo packet pickup and Race Recap!! (It became one of my favorite races since i ran it for the first time this year. [Spoilers: it still lived up to expectations even with the weather and i managed to run another 4 miles after to keep up with my half marathon training for the week]).

Maybe a few pics.

…Same Bat time. Same Bat blog.



  1. Post about a post to come? Have an upvote!

    Sad I didn't run through that Zoo run. I can't wait to hear about the recap. Good luck with the new vibrams!

    And the half marathon will only be half as hard as you'd think! Weather will be the biggest factor.


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