Can’t Stop Here



Since the week after the Half Marathon, there has not been a week where I have run less until this week. I could say that it was just one thing after another that came up and provided a reason why I could not be out running. I could say I have been catching the first train out of Union Station in the mornings and catching the last bus home from the office and so that has made running more difficult. I could say I forgot about a Yankees and White Sox game (that stretched out far too long on a week night) causing me to be up to late, making for a tired next day, which then hindered my ability to run both the night of the game or the night after to catch up on sleep. I could tell you that my fantastic Brother’s birthday was also this week (Yesterday, Happy Birthday week!) and so running did not happen that day either because dinner and hanging out sounded much more appealing. Even Lollapalooza managed to be this past week to add to my laundry list of excuses! I then found that in the days following my ankles were sore from bouncing around at concerts all day for several days (always worth it! And Hurray for the Green Market providing wonderful vegan/vegetarian food!!).
“Brother Battle” – Lolla 2013
Instead I will only say, my excuses are coming to an end and I always enjoy it when I actually make it out for a run. Today I snuck away on my lunch break (yay Work From Home days!) and got in a good six miles. Felt good to be out on the trail! I need to get back into training again. Soon! No, Now! November is around the corner. Rock ‘n RollStrip at Night’ Half Marathon is approaching faster than I thought. That’s right, I signed up for another half. I am not planning on running this one for time, but I still at least want to be able to finish it.
No point in mentioning the training plans, I thought. The poor b@st@#d will see them soon enough.


  1. Maybe if we can organize a race on a runway, have it sponsored by Nike, and call it a fashion show? 😉 Otherwise, it will probably just be me, a hobbit, another friend without a blogger alias, and a bunch of Elvi (Plural of Elvis) 😉


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